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The Importance of Temperature in Safe Food Transportation

September 28, 2020

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For groceries and retail food businesses to succeed, keeping food, and produce fresh and in top condition is a must. Customers always want the best food products available, and suppliers must oblige to keep them satisfied. After all, nothing impacts customer happiness and loyalty more than selling food that has gone bad.  However, keeping food as fresh as possible can be a logistic challenge. When perishable products have to travel over long distances, they’re much more susceptible to spoilage. That’s why the proper storage and transportation of food is essential, as it helps businesses source the best products possible while preserving their freshness. 

The Beginning of Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain logistics emerged once refrigeration technology had advanced enough to be more accessible. Authorities found a safer and more efficient way to transport temperature-sensitive products, giving birth to the cold chain logistics industry. Through thermal and refrigerated storing, cold chain logistics now makes it possible to ship perishable products and temperature-sensitive goods around the world. Along with more customised to transport food in temperature-controlled conditions, effectively packing methods and logistical planning, this logistical procedure ensured the protection of the cargo’s integrity. 

The Importance of Temperature-Controlled Transportation

Temperature is crucial in guaranteeing safe food transportation. As more customers all over the world demand for more perishable products, companies have started to look for ways to effectively transport food in temperature-controlled conditions.  Here are other reasons refrigerated truck rentals are essential to food businesses:

1. It Prevents Contamination

Refrigerated trucks were constructed to keep food at optimal temperatures. Such conditions inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms that compromise the food’s safety and quality.

2. It Fulfills the High Demand for Perishable Goods

More people are eschewing processed goods for fresh and healthier food. The increased demand for such products has also led to an increased need for refrigerated transportation. With a variety of transportation options available, business owners can now meet the high demand for perishable goods. 

3. It’s Versatile

Cold chain logistics benefits more than the food industry. Other sectors, such as the medical and art fields, can now transport medicines, chemical solutions, and valuable art pieces in the safety of a refrigerated truck. 

It Complies With Food and Safety Laws

Australia has stringent food safety laws, which makes it essential to transport products with the best conditions possible. 

The Factors to Consider When Selecting Refrigerated Trucks


Whether you’re gunning for a 6-pallet fridge truck rental or a half-tonne fridge van rental, you’ll want to look into their loading and unloading protocols. The way personnel load products into the truck and take them out can also significantly impact the product’s quality. Ensure that the company has careful and safe handling of the goods.


Trackers are useful tools that help monitor the truck’s movement through real-time updates. They also provide essential location information, such as the truck’s current whereabouts, and delivery estimates. Time is vital when shipping perishable goods, so these trackers are incredibly useful at ensuring items are delivered promptly.

Temperature Tracking Records

If you’re worried about temperatures fluctuating during transit, opt for a rental company that offers temperature tracking records. These are built into the system and regularly record the cargo’s temperature during transit. It also sets off an alarm to inform the driver if the temperature deviates from the set range.


Keeping perishable food in temperature-controlled environments is crucial to preserve its quality, safety, and freshness. With all the benefits of refrigerated trucks, they’ve become essential to complying with Australia's strict food safety standards. Thanks to technological advancements, cold chain logistics has become more accessible to business owners all over Australia. It now allows entrepreneurs to keep their customers satisfied with only the freshest products.  Are you looking for a refrigerated van rental in Sydney? At Zero Rentals, we specialise in long and short-term refrigerated vehicle rentals and offer the best-value transport solutions to all our clients. Contact us today to find the best fridge truck rental for your business!
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